$4,000 $5,000

Original Abstract Expressionist Painting

Artist: Doug Hyde
Year: 2024

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 163 W x 122 H x 4 D cm / 64"W x 48"H x 1.6"D
Type: One-of-a-kind piece

Signature: Hand-signed by the artist on the back of the canvas
Certificate of Authenticity: Included (issued by the artist)

Shipping: Ships in a wooden crate; free shipping worldwide
Ready to Hang: Hanging kits included
Wooden Stretcher: Included
Frame: Not included


In this captivating piece titled "The Night Whispers of the Forest," the canvas is awash with vibrant hues, reminiscent of a lush forest that comes alive under the cover of night. The verdant greens permeate the painting, exuding a subtle warmth that hints at the silent communication between trees and foliage. Bright yellows, like steadfast fireflies dancing through the forest, represent the eyes of small creatures exchanging warmth and energy in the darkness.

This artwork subtly reveals a hidden world, a mysterious realm brimming with energy and whispers. The deep blue-greens and fiery red accents draw us into the heart of the nocturnal forest, where light and shadow intertwine and whispers turn into a song. The flowing blocks of color and lines mimic the silent circulation of life energy within the forest at night, forming an unseen yet palpable magnetic field.

Through these vibrant strokes, the artist creates a silent visual symphony that resonates with the viewer's imagination, inviting them to explore the secrets of the forest that only emerge in the absence of light. "The Night Whispers of the Forest" encourages a quiet contemplation, allowing us to hear the truest chorus of nature and feel a deep connection with it.


Full of textures