I go by the English name Doug Hyde, as its pronunciation is almost identical to my Chinese name. This serves to facilitate English speakers while retaining the essence of my identity. However, my signature on the back of the artwork and on the Certificate of Authenticity includes both my Chinese and English names.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate. I discovered my passion as a child and embarked on my journey as an artist after graduating from art school. Over the past two decades, I've dedicated myself to cultivating a sustainable lifestyle centered around that passion.

My works tend to emphasize colors, forms, and textures themselves, rather than conventional representational imagery. I've applied layers of paint and scratches with various tools. While the painting technique may seem casually applied, it is actually a calculated and intentional layout. The style of the paintings belongs to abstract expressionism, a genre based on personal emotions and subjective experiences, highlighting emotional responses and inner worlds. The heavy application of paint and the free overlay of color blocks are spontaneous and emotional expressions in the creative process, making each creation also a kind of performance art, the physical act of painting itself as part of the artwork's essence.

This style of artwork presents a significant challenge for me. Unlike traditional projects where planning ahead is possible, I can only envision the general ambiance that each piece will convey, but I cannot predict the specific outcome. Most of the time, I have to conceptualize the next steps based on the actual progress of each phase. In this process, unpredictable factors can be both a blessing and a curse; they can either enhance or detract from the artwork. Therefore, each creation is a small wonder!

While I have my own interpretations of each piece as the creator, I prefer to let viewers engage their imaginations and personal interpretations when appreciating my works; everyone's feelings and understanding of the pieces may differ.

Throughout my career, I've drawn inspiration from the beauty of the world around me, from the vibrant hues of nature to the complexities of human emotion. Each brushstroke is a reflection of my experiences, thoughts, and feelings, captured on canvas for others to interpret and enjoy.

As I continue to evolve as an artist, I remain committed to pushing the boundaries of my creativity and exploring new techniques and styles. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with others and to contribute to the rich tapestry of artistic expression.